How to download books from Google Books

This post has been updated on July 29, 2010.
Some things are corrected.

Current versions:
Firefox  3.6.8,
Greasemonkey 0.8.2
Google Book Downloader Script 2.21

You need:

1. Firefox or Flock browser.

2. Get Greasemonkey addon.

3. Install this javascript called “Google Book Downloader“.

4. Make sure that Greasemonkey addon is enabled (Firefox/Tools/Greasemonkey) and make sure that the script is enabled in Greasemonkey.

5. Get
Down them all
Firefox addon. Yes, install it.

Go to Google Books, have a try.

In the LEFT CORNER you’ll see “Download this book” button.

After that, two dropdown menus will show up with “Get download links” button, like this:

Just click right away on “Get Download Links” button if you want to download a whole book/magazine with all pages. Script will do the job and get you a links.
Right click there, choose “Down them all” and in a window of “Down them all” plugin uncheck everything except links with:”PR, PA…” everything that starts with a big “P”, these are the pages. Actually, pages from Google Books are images, .png and .jpg, so pay attention to .png extensions too, because some pages are with that extension, there’s no rule.

NOTE : Download only one page at a time, or your IP will be banned.

Of course, nothing’s perfect, and this is a problem, different files: .jpg and .png.  There is one more BIG problem, I’ll talk about it later.

So, what’s next? If you have Adobe Acrobat, that’s good, you can make PDF file from these images. Or, you can google it for some software that creates PDF from images, that operation is called “Batch”…right. But, if you want to keep some pages as images, so later you won’t have to extract them from PDF, here is the sollution:
Use Winrar or Winzip and put images in the archive.
If you make a rar archive, after that just change extension of the archive to .cbr.
If you make zip arhcive, rename extension to .cbz.
Read something more about this if you want to.
So, after you change extension, you can use some of the “cbr viewers”,
or to be precise comic viewers to peacefully read your books.

The other problem I have mentioned is this:

You can only download books that are under category “Full view”.

Some books from Google Books are already downloadable in PDF format, like “Hansel and Gretel”, for example. But, there are tons of books and magazines that are fully readable, but Google won’t let you to have them, that’s why we use this Firefox/Greasmonkey/GoogleBookDownlader/GetThemAll sollution.
And the best sollution is to cut search only for the books/magazines that can be viewed in Full View, the ones that are fully readable.

In the end, if you think that this way of downloading of Google books is something illegal, well, I’ll have to disappoint you: technically, it’s NOT. Why?
Because every page of the book you saw in your browser while you were reading , of course, it’s in your browser’s cache, so you’ve downloaded it already. So, if you wanna browse some book page by page and extract it from your browser’s cache or use this automated way I have explained – it’s up to you.

Cool stuff:
+Popular Science
+Popular Mechanics
+Mother Jones
+Negro Digest
+New York Magazine
+Mac Life
+Maximum PC
+Women’s Health
+Men’s Health
+Paradise Lost by John Milton
+Paul Schuitema by Dick Maan
+Dutch Type by Jan Middendorp
+Imagine a Metropolis by Patricia Van Ulzen
+Less + More by Renny Ramakers


+Archiprix 2005 by Henk van der Veen
+Visual Function by Paul Mijksenaar
+Constant’s New Babylon by Mark Wigley
+Profession Architect by Marcel Molle
+The Socius of Architecture: Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York by Ad Graafland, Arie Graafland
+Back from Utopia: The Challenge of the Modern Movement by Hubert-Jan Henket
+The Chinese Dream: A Society Under Construction by Neville Mars
+Space and the Architect by Herman Hertzberger
+The Domestic and the Foreign: Architecture in Globalisation by Ruth Baumeister, Sang Lee
+Frits van Dongen: designing for culture by Frits van Dongen, Fred Feddes, Allard Jolles
+Twist & Build By Karel Vollers
+Helidrome Architecture by Alexander J de Voogt
+Time-based Architecture By Bernard Leupen, René Heijne, Jasper van Zwol
+Architectural Annual 2004-2005 by H. Bekkering
+Architectural Annual 2005-2006
+Twentieth-century architecture in the Netherlands By Hans van Dijk, J. Kirkpatrick
+Architecture Goes Wild By Kas Oosterhuis
+Archiprix International by Henk van der Veen
+BRON By Erik Odijk, Anne Bruggenkamp, Domeniek Ruyters
+The Nature of Landscape By Han Lörzing
+Gids voor moderne architectuur in Nederland By Paul Groenendijk, Piet Vollaard, Piet Rook
+20 jaar 010 By Hans Oldewarris, Peter de Winter
+Frame and Generic Space By Bernard Leupen
+Amsterdam Zuidas European Space By W. G. M. Salet, Stan Majoor
+Space and Learning By Herman Hertzberger

+Prix de Rome 2002 By Arno Haijtema, Mark Nash, Sandra Smallenburg
+Decadent by Garth Clark, Ank Trumpie, Karin Gaillard
+A Contemporary Study of Musical Arts By Meki Nzewi, Odyke Nzewi
+Editing and Publication By Ian Montagnes

…and if you want to kick somebody’s ass:
+Black Belt

Explore, read, enjoy…